Your Questions, Answered


I have compiled  a couple of the most frequently asked questions and have included advice from our experts. However, if there’s still something unclear or you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


I’ve never had a massage before. What should I expect?

We suggest that you do not eat 90 min prior to your session, although a light snack would be fine. Drinking 8 oz or more of water before your session will help prevent fatigue, dehydration and spasms. 

During your session, remember this is your time. Do all that you can to relax and enjoy the feeling of your mind and body relaxing and healing. 

When your session is complete, your therapist will offer you several self-healing tools and techniques to help keep the relaxed, comfortable feeling you are in and suggest when to come in for your next session. 

Should my massage hurt?

Never at any time should any session you receive “hurt”. Please keep an open communication with your therapists about any questions or concerns you have.

Will insurance cover massage?

Health insurance may or may not cover your massage sessions. Please call your insurance to find out.

Sometimes a doctor’s prescription is required by insurance prior to your Massage Appointment.

Our office does not bill insurance. Full payment is expected after each appointment. At that time, we will provide you with a medical receipt that you may submit to your insurance directly. Our office currently only accepts No Fault Insurance (Motor Vehicle Accidents).