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With over 13 years experience as an Licensed Massage Therapist, and Mind and Body Coach; I value staying up-to-date on the latest education concerning your natural health and wellness.

At Therapeutic Healing Hands welcomes everyone, regardless of body type.
If you have never experienced the benefits of Therapeutic Massage Therapy, we would be honored to help educate you and administer your first massage. Take the first step on a lifelong journey of wellness for your body.

We stand by our beliefs that we can help you when you’re ready to help yourself. We are very passionate about what we do as Massage Therapists and believe that if you love what you do, it shows.

We at THH educate each client and help them learn ways to manage their everyday Chronic or Acute conditions. The benefits are endless.

Thanks to all of our existing clients and many referrals. We are here because of all of you!

- La Nissa Dyman LMT.


LaNissa Dyman

At Therapeutic Healing Hands, we believe "There's Always Room For Growth!" Leading with our hearts, and healing with our hands.


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